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Using SMART Goals To Increase Accountability In The Workplace

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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It is essential to set clear goals and expectations to promote accountability amongst employees in any business. Having a reasonable goal will ensure that employees are focused on their tasks, and managers will have a more evident aim for the entire team’s efforts.

SMART goals also ensure accountability for all the executives irrespective of team or position. Let us walk through what a SMART goal is and how it increases accountability in the team.

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What Exactly is a SMART Goal?

A SMART goal is an abbreviation for setting targets and expectations for a broader and larger perspective. It stands for:

S – Specific

A SMART goal has to be specific. If you provide vague goals to employees, they will not have the right direction to start work. Mention what you want them to achieve and when it should happen.

M – Measurable

A SMART goal should have clearly defined measures that will indicate your progress. The lack of clarity will again be an issue here.

You should ensure that the numbers or obvious markers are used to show how effectively the goal is met.

A – Attainable

If you are setting SMART goals, you must be aware that they should have a real chance of achieving or attaining. Performance goals need to be appropriately designed to ensure that the likelihood of success is present if you focus and work hard.

R – Relevant

A SMART goal could be many things, but it essentially has to be relevant. If you wish the company to move in a particular direction, it is best to set goals that match the company’s overall aim and the desired business goals.

T – Timely/Trackable

Finally, a SMART goal must be timed well. Employees should know the deadlines, which will keep their interest and focus constant.


Aligning SMART Goals and Accountability

There are multiple ways through which a SMART goal will elevate the accountability and overall performance of the team. We have added some of the best benefits below:

Tapping into the Creativity of the Employees

Employees will always need some guidance to understand their responsibility areas and the work they need to contribute to the company’s business goals.

If you engage employees will SMART goals, they will gain a deeper understanding of significant tasks involved in the company. This will further enhance their creative juices and present skills to understand what is possible and make the best.

Thus, employees will be more driven to produce results that meet company-wide objectives and are accountable for their actions and time were given to the enterprise.

Inter-dependence on Each Other

Once employees are aware of the business and individual goals, the chances are that they will also be well-versed with the work of others and be helpful.

A SMART goal helps discover the inter-dependence of departments and employees on each other’s work. They will also be constantly sharing information since a bigger target needs to be met.

These efforts will result in each employee understanding the impact of their tasks on others and being accountable.

Clear Expectations

With the correct information on the goals of each person and the company, clear expectations are set for the youngest to the most seasoned employees.

When you know that your business demands a certain level of effort and time from your end to function, you will instantly hold your actions accountable.

Greater Desired Impact

SMART goals are marketing pitches to your team. It tells the team members what needs to be done, and if it is done correctly, you can create something spectacular and effective for the company.

A sense of shared passions arises, which leads to an enhanced desired impact for the company.

Wrapping Up

SMART goals are meaningful, practical, clear and most importantly, relevant. If you want to inspire, challenge, engage your team and build their accountability, SMART goals are the best way to start.

A set of SMART goals and an accountability coach tool like tickthoseboxes could be a fantastic way to get those accountability levels up and rising.