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What are the Qualities of a Good Accountability Coach?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Coaches can make a world of difference in helping you achieve what you’ve always wanted to. Still, with how popular such professionals are, choosing the right one can be perplexing.

Before you even make that decision, though, you should know something. Aggressively designed offers, packaged as ‘limited slots’, shouldn’t be a factor when choosing an accountability coach. A good accountability coach will never pressure you into anything. 

Instead, the proper coach, amongst other things, will help you structure your plans, be empathetic, and, more importantly, reliable. 


These are the qualities you should look for in your accountability coach. Read on to know all about them.

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The Hallmarks of a Qualified Accountability Coach

There are five critical qualities that an accountability coach needs to possess. 

1.     Systematic in Their Efforts

None of your goals are going to materialise without an actionable plan. A good accountability coach realises the significance of this. Moreover, they work towards helping you establish such a plan.

Additionally, they will devise a plan of their own, one that helps set a routine for what you can expect from them.

The manner in which they do so may differ. For example, a coach may ask you about certain things in each session. Perhaps, they take you to a particular place to talk about your week. 

These aren’t just random choices. They are helping you gain clarity and vision through these steps. The questions they ask you in each session may prompt some introspection. Conversely, taking you to a specific place may help you open up and be more expressive.

Always remember that there is nothing random about accountability coaching.

2. Empathetic to Your Needs and Struggles

Consider for a moment who you are about to engage with. An accountability coach is someone who is going to have access to very personal details about you. Your hopes and your dreams are all part of this conversation.

Now, would you want someone who isn’t empathetic towards you or doesn’t show some amount of personal care?

Things can get very stressful when you work towards your goals and aspirations. A sudden failure may trigger a bout of anxiety or self-doubt. A good coach will help you overcome these things.

They will ‘listen’ and indeed ‘understand’ what you are going through. Only then will they show you the correct way to go about things. 

The right coach isn’t someone who lists several things for you to follow. Instead, they will walk alongside you in your journey.

3. Reliable in Almost All Circumstances

Reliability in this context doesn’t only refer to being present in the moment. It goes way beyond that. Being punctual and prepared for a session is the hallmark of every qualified accountability coach.

They show up on time and rarely cancel on you. Even if they do, it’s because of entirely unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.

The little things matter a lot. The right coach understands the value of time and what that time means for you personally. 

4. Professional in Their Conduct

Consider what the word ‘coach’ implies. It refers to someone who can help you be the best possible version of yourself.

Thus, despite having access to very intimate details, an ethical accountability coach will always conduct themselves in a dignified and professional manner. For instance, they will not disclose your issues to others, nor will they pass judgements on you. 

That’s not the only thing to consider. If your coach discusses one of their other clients with you, you should consider that a warning sign. There is no guarantee that they aren’t willing to discuss ‘you’ with others when that’s the case.

5. Motivational and Able to Inspire Self-Belief

When you look at the highest of peaks, the journey can seem daunting, to say the least. An accountability coach will not necessarily be a Sherpa. However, they will be there to catch you if you stumble on the way. 

More importantly, they will urge you to make that journey regardless of how many times you fall.

When it comes to accountability coaching, no qualified coach will ever make you feel like you have to justify your failures to them. Instead, they will ask you to take responsibility and move forward with more focus.

Their motivation is something that will inspire you to believe in yourself more. After all, limiting the possibilities you can explore is not why you sign up for a coach.

In Conclusion

Picking someone who will be so instrumental to your growth is always intimidating. However, services such as TickThoseBoxes can negate your concerns entirely.

Offering accountability coaching, in its truest sense, TickThoseBoxes comprises professionals with decades of experience. In fact, all the listed qualities above may be considered descriptive when defining the services they provide.

Your growth matters to you. A good accountability coach will remember that sentiment even when you may forget about it.