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Why Is Responsibility Important

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Why Is Responsibility Important

Implications of our irresponsibility

We often find ourselves overwhelmed with a task which we joyfully accepted and seemed hopeful to finish within the given deadline. But often it happens that we fail in accomplishing the particular task. What happens after is that we go on seeking reasons and excuses to detach ourselves from the moral responsibilities of getting the job done. 

This is basic human nature, We tend to avoid conflict, even if it means sacrificing morality in the form of blaming unrelated causes for our failure. Let us delve deeper into the facts that will help us transition into better human beings by morally guiding ourselves and learning about the moral implications of our irresponsibility.

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How To Deal With Situations Responsibly

When a person accepts that the outcome of a particular action has happened by his/her volition or negligence and conforms accordingly to either fix it or accept it (if unfixable) and accept the consequences that follow is known as Personal Responsibility. A person with the trait of responsibility does not look for potential blame takers and stands alone. Such a person knows what his actions are capable of doing to his/her own life. Keeping responsibility

Life is a sinusoidal wave with ups and downs, accepting the responsibility for every action that takes your life through the consequent troughs and crests is the fundamental makeup of an ideal responsible person.

Who Is a Responsible Person And Why Is Responsibility Important?

Some of the traits of a responsible person can resonate with them on a personal level and guide them throughout their life. Such traits of a responsible person can be directly responsible for building excellent work ethic, communication skills, and courage. Let us take a look at these traits.

Excellent communication skills

While doing a job and being supervised by someone, it is of crucial importance that you communicate with your superiors and properly and decide on which tasks are realistic and which ones are not. Inability to communicate with your superiors may result in improper learning about the task at hand. The will to learn more about the job assigned to you in the first place is a sign of responsibility in a mature person.

Feedback can also play an important role in communicating with your seniors. Telling them about certain problems you encountered or are likely to encounter while embarking on a project will help them formulate problem statements into achievable ones and consequently helping you realize those tasks

Self Control

Self-control is the most significant trait of a responsible individual. A person without self-control is a person who is easily distracted by elements not conducive to his tasks. Not giving in to an impulse that may distract you away from the task at hand is a trait signifying self-control.

For example, an artist while enduring a creative block may altogether want to start a new project with a fresh mind, however, an uncompleted project may sit around collecting dust and the artist may lose a potential artwork that could have been of great value.

This establishes the fact that self-control equals added value to a task. Self-control helps in minimizing time consumption as you spend less time veering off into unimportant jobs.


Stepping up to accept that you messed up in a job where you can fend off the blame to someone else is just the example of a perfectly responsible person. Such a person exhibits a strong sense of knowing what they’re doing and thus has tunnel vision towards their goal.

Inculcating courage is not a difficult task. One must simply assess their weaknesses and strengths and work according to them. Knowing you’re in your comfort zone is a great relief. Look at it this way, you are working at a job you know nothing can go wrong in. This automatically fills a person with a sense of courage and helps them focus on the task, thus improving workflow. If something does go wrong in the said job, you can stand up and accept the blame, knowing you will be able to fix it with ease.


A person who perseveres is a person who succeeds. This holds in building a personally responsible human being. Not stopping when riddled with troubles is a sign that a person feels responsible for the task at hand. The ability to persevere is a trait that manifests itself over time when a person learns from their troubles. Passion for a task can be seen in the time a person perseveres for signifying responsibility.

Giving a lacklustre performance during your work will only result in disappointment from your seniors. Striving hard to give your best is the quality exhibited by a responsible person

In Essence

Responsibility is a defining trait in building a person’s character. Not stepping up and accepting responsibility for your actions will only delay the outcome of that situation, and it will catch up to you further down the line, giving you more pain later on. The difference between taking responsibility is how effectively we manage the struggles thrown at us by life itself.