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How does an accountability coach make a difference?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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What is an Accountability Coach?

Wouldn’t it be a dream if all of our ideas work out as planned? Yes, that’s the optimism we need! However, even being optimistic doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome of executed plans. That’s because there exists a wide gap between our ideas and the effort we take to follow them through. This gap widens as we continuously fail to deliver.

What I mean to say is, having a powerful and well-thought-out plan does not always mean absolute success. Following that plan is the main issue. Many people start with wonderful energies filled with motivation. However, mid-way through, when faced with challenges, these motivations slowly dwindle and eventually die off. This is when we decide to leave our plans mid-way. We lose the main motivations we had when we first started.

Needless to say, when this habit of leaving jobs incomplete is adapted regularly, it bites away our ability to follow any job to completion. At the end of the day, we are left with the undefeatable habit of taking up tasks and completing none of them.

In professional life, habits like these are the demise of careers and personalities. People no longer trust you to get things done. When people don’t trust you anymore and call you an amateur, you should know that your days of making money are done, finished and over the hill.  

When you are failing to complete tasks, making excuses, wasting time, and leaving things for tomorrow, you need the abilities of a strong accountability coach to shine a lantern on your fate that is filled with darkness through and through. I will tell you how an accountability coach can make a difference. So come on! grab my hand and I will lead you to the light

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Yeah, but how can a coach help me?

Accountability coaches are the marvellous folks that specialise in helping you cross raging seas, climb steep hills, and accomplish feats unfathomable by your past self.

Your Accountability Coach can help you in the following ways.

1. Active Listening and Problem-Solving

An accountability coach listens to the issues you are experiencing. They don’t listen just to answer but listen so they can understand your problems better. Almost everyone in the world can listen, but rarely anyone gives valuable advice to solve the problems in return. Accountability coaches utilise their expertise in problem-solving to help you track problems, they help you select solutions, develop an action plan, and force you to implement these plans without fail, until you get successful at accomplishing them.

2. Candid Feedback

A dedicated accountability coach is informal. They let you know about your flaws and your weaknesses. They bring them up time and time again to help you improve. Their informal and candid feedback can help turn the wheel of your truck that’s stuck in a puddle of mud on the outskirts of the road to success. Take an accountability coach’s feedback to heart and lock it there. You will never be stuck in the same ordeal ever again.

3. Helps you identify opportunities

When we think about solutions to our problems, we lock ourselves in a room that only has the exit doors that WE feel exist. However, let me tell you that the door is not always the best exit solution. Sometimes, you got to hitch a ride out through the window.

You must be thinking Darren has gone rogue with his examples, but what I am trying to teach you is: you MUST think out of the box!

An accountability coach knows this, and helps you identify entirely new opportunities that might seem absurd to you, but are the best way to go!

4. Helps you balance life

Business is as important to life as air is for breathing. Business is what puts bread at the table. However, people who keep putting bread on the table and ignore eating they are destined to fall. By eating it, I mean enjoying life. They don’t have balance.

Let me tell you that not every problem has a corporate solution. Sometimes, your lack of balance between work and life translates to poor performance at both. You start facing problems everywhere.

An accountability coach helps you balance life and work. By helping you manage yourself and your activities, an accountability coach can solve not only your professional problems but your household problems too through the introduction of a perfect balance.

Why you need accountability coaching?

Because doing nothing costs you money and lost opportunity, and you’re pissing people off by your lack of action. Are you juggling too many balls in the air at once, trying desperately not to drop any of them? If so, that is a clue why you may need an accountability coach.

Let me share a game-changing study with you from the USA, it was undertaken to calculate the probability of completing a goal with and without direct support, assistance and guidance.

The stats are phenomenal:

After reading this, how likely are you to achieve your; goals, promises, obligations and commitments alone? This is exactly WHY you need an accountability coach.

Who is an Accountability Coach?

This is a challenge that takes many shapes. Sometimes, you believe you’re not good enough for what you’ve started. You begin to think that you won’t ever be able to achieve your dreams, which starts to affect your ability to work.

On the other hand, some people are too perfectionist to delegate. They don’t get that sense of ultimate satisfaction until they’ve done everything by themselves. Consequently, they get caught up in too much work, which again means delays, declining quality of work or worse, a total burnout.

Poor Resource & Time Management

An accountability coach is a professional expert whose entire job is to keep you in check and provide the required motivation so you can achieve your goals within specified deadlines. Accountability coach provides your assistance in laying out a clear plan, breaking it down into smaller objectives and prioritise them with respect to urgency and importance.

Apart from that, the coach will keep regular tabs on you to ensure you’re meeting your own expectations and achieving those goals. The accountability coach also gives you the appreciation to keep you motivated and consoles you when things don’t go your way. They are your professional guardian who guides you through the path of success and sticks with you in both good and bad times.

To find this person, they need to have a proven track record of being able to get things done themselves, forget the university degrees, that doesn’t always mean they have ‘walked the talk’. Ideally, with runs on the board themselves, find one that’s successfully navigated the path your following. Its great if they have ‘been there and done that’, this will stop alot of uncertainty, being able to straighten your course if you wander away from the goal. Which is bound to happen.


There are so many aspects to life, with each being as important as the other. That’s why you need a professional with years of experience to come in and conjure up a plan for you. Someone you will be answerable to – not as a punishment – but to create a sense of accountability that comes from within. It’s for your good!